Category Players Page

The following link is a downloadable excel file of the complete 2020 Category Players Report. The file contains a tabs for the following: The entire report & individual teams

Individual 2021 Team Category Reports

A Word About Category Players Report Construction

The Category Players Report is made up by using 25 ranking spots for each of the first 6 categories. In the case of ties there may be an additional ranking or two. For the remaining categories (categories 7-15) a point range of 15 points is used to determine the category size. This allows for ample talent to be returned to the draft pool & preventing any team from being able to retain a large amount of high level fantasy talent. Every team will have some difficult choices to make when it comes time to turn in your keeper lists.

Remember these keeper guidelines:

  • Option to keep up to 6 players. Keep 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or zero players
  • Only 1 player from any 1 category may be retained
  • Any player retained is in exchange for a corresponding draft pick