NCFFL2016 on-line manual

This online handbook is created for the exclusive use of NCFFL owners. This is the online version for the 2015 NCFFL season. Each owner has been supplied with the other information on the 2016 NCFFL Season. The league commissioner can be reached by e-mail or by phone.

2015 Season Recap


The 2015 Flembardi Championship was won by Goldenshower Mists. The Dinamos won their first Flemabardi Championship in 2013. The score wasn’t even close as they defeated the Mavensby a score of 153 – 105.

The Garage Bowl was won by the Crazy Meerkats. They defeated the Wallyburgers by a score of 164 – 96.

The Most Points race was won by FNG with 1943 points.


2015 Season Final Standings



North Coast Fantasy Football League Champions

1995: Italian Ponies – Pigskin Division

1996: Legal Eagles – Pigskin Division

1997: Rainbow Rambos – Gridiron Division

1998: Mavens – Gridiron Division

1999: Legal Eagles – Pigskin Division

2000: Big Daddy – Pigskin Division

2001: Candy Lickers – Gridiron Division

2002: Snow Dogs – Pigskin Division

2003: Snow Dogs – Pigskin Division

2004: Big Daddy – Pigskin Division

2005: Big Daddy – Pigskin Division

2006: DOA’s – Gridiron Division

2007: Steel Curtain – Gridiron Division

2008: Mavens – Gridiron Division
2009: Crazy Meerkats – Gridiron Division

2010: Mavens – Gridiron Division

2011: Crazy Meerkats – Gridiron Division

2012: Sloppy Sparrows – Pigskin Division

2013: Dinamos – Gridiron Division
2014: FNG – Pigskin Division

2015: Goldenshower Mists – Pigskin Division

Most Points Leader Board (Final)


2016 Important Dates & Deadlines

  • ⇒  Retention Players List Turned In: To Be Determined
  • ⇒  2016 NCFFL Draft: To Be Determined
  • ⇒  Trade Deadline: To Be Determined
  • ⇒  Transactions Deadline: To Be Determined
  • ⇒  Week 14, NCFFL Playoffs begin.
    NOTE: All league fees must be paid by the start of the draft. Failure to pay league fees in full will prohibityou from making any transactions and lineup changes beginning in week 2. 

    2016 Draft Order

    NCFFL draft order formula. The four teams that play in the Championship games will be slotted in draft picks 7 – (Garage Bowl runner-up), 8 – (Garage Bowl winner), 9 – (Flembardi Game runner-up), 10 – (Flembardi Game winner). Picks 3, 4, 5, & 6 will be based on most points scored with head to head competition and overall record used as tiebreakers. Picks 1 & 2 will go to the two teams with the worst record using the lottery to assign the selections.

2016 Draft Order

  1.   Dimamos 1764 (lottery)
  2.   Sloppy Sparrows 1727  (lottery)
  3.   Goon Squad 1760
  4.   Big Daddy 1775
  5.   Available Franchise 1830
  6.   FNG 1943
  7.   Wallyburgers 1768 (garage-bowl runner up)
  8.   Crazy Meerkats 1804  (garage-bowl winner)
  9.   Mavens 1897  (Flembardi runner up)
  10. Goldenshower Mists 1874 (Flembardi winner) 


Category Player List

NFL players point totals are maintained each year by the league commissioner. At the end of the season a category player list will be printed up. A player will fall into one (1) of sixteen (16) categories.

A NCFFL team has the option of retaining up to six (6) players from their previous year’s roster in exchange for a draft pick in the following year. The draft pick that will be given up will correspond with the category the retained player falls in. Only one (1) player from any category may be retained. For example, you could keep a category 1 player, a category 5 player, a category 7 player and a category 10 player; on the day of the draft you would skip your first, fifth, seventh and tenth round draft picks because those pick were forfeited in exchange for keeping the four category players from your previous year’s roster.

Each team must submit a list of players they wish to retain (if any) to the league office. This year the list is due To Be Determined Should the league commissioner receive no response from a team by the deadline date, it will be assumed that no players are to be retained by the non-submitting team.

By the end of the night on the 23d or early on August 31 a compiled list will be put together and posted on the NCFFL web page and be distributed via e-mail. With the compiled listed posted and e-mailed each team will know what players will be unavailable on draft day. Should one of your retained players suffer an injury once the compiled list is posted/distributed, you are stuck with that player until the transaction period opens up after the first week of games are played. Once the compiled list is posted/distributed all

retained players are final. There is an inherent risk involved in drafting any player and in deciding to retain a player. Choose your retention players wisely. The only exception to this is if one of your retained players is placed on the NFL IR after your retained player list has been turned in, you have the option on draft day of pulling that player off or your retained list. You will not, however be permitted to replace that player, only release him from your retained list/roster.


NCFFL Rosters

Each NCFFL team may consist of up to 20 NFL players including one (1) or more NFL defenses. Any combination of position players/NFL defense may be used. NCFFL teams may also carry 1 player on a NCFFL taxi squad. The NCFFL taxi squad becomes effective after the first week of games are played.


NCFFL Taxi Squad

A NCFFL player can be placed on the Taxi squad list by using either a standard or an injury transaction following the transaction guidelines. The only difference is that instead of dropping the NFL player he is placed on your taxi squad. Rosters are maintained at a maximum of 20 active players plus one (1) Taxi Squad player. To activate a player off of your NCFFL Taxi squad you must drop one (1) from your active roster, or place another active player on the Taxi Squad. The NCFFL Taxi squad becomes effective following the first week of games.

Guidelines to place any player on the Taxi Squad.

A NFL player must be listed on your NCFFL roster before he can be eligible for your Taxi Squad. Players placed on the Taxi Squad must remain so for at least two (2) weeks. You may drop the

NCFFL Taxi Squad player from your roster while on the squad after only one (1) week. Only one (1) player may be on your Taxi Squad at any time.

NCFFL Taxi Squad transactions can only take place during The Standard Transaction period. All taxi squad movement must be made by the commissioner,Taxi squad requests must be in by 6:00 PM each week. You can NOT make a taxi squad move during The Open Transaction period.

Contact the league commissioner if you have any questions regarding the taxi squad guidelines.

Overtime (tie breaking system)

An overtime system will be used for all tie situations dealing with the standings.

  1. Most (overall) total points.
  2. Head to head competition.
  3. Total points scored in head to head games.
  4. Most points the preceding week.

Weekly games that are tied will use the following to break ties.

  1. Starting NFL Defense that gave up the least NFL points.
  2. Points scored by the NCFFL team’s nonstarters.
  3. Total yardage by starting QB’s, RB’s, & WR’s.
  4. Total yardage by non-starting QB’s, RB’s, & WR’s

League Fees

League fees will remain the same as they have been. An accounting breakdown will be provided in a timely fashion prior to the draft.

Starting Lineups

A standard starting NCFFL lineup will consist of two (2) QB’s, three (3) RB’s, three (3) WR’s, two (2) K’s, and one (1) DEF. Beginning with the 2008 season teams will have the option of a RB/WR flex start. A combination of 2 RB’s and 4 WR’s, 3 RB’s and 3 WR’s , or 4 RB’s and 2 WR’s will be acceptable. Those are the only three flex combinations that will be allowed.


Starting lineups must be in by Sunday by kickoff of each players game. The NFL is continuing the practice of scheduling games every Thursday night for the first 16 weeks of the season. Additionally, there are other early games throughout the season that are not played on Sunday at 1PM, 4PM or 8PM. There are games in London that begin at 9AM. All players must be in your starting lineups by the kickoff of their NFL games.

From time to time a NFL game start time has been moved due to weather or some other calamity. In those instances we will deal with starting line ups at that time.

You are encouraged to submit your own lineup via the interactive web page. The starting lineup on occasion may be phoned in to the Commissioner (24 hour voice mail), or e-mailed to the league commissioner.



Web Page / E-mail

  • Ø  Since 1998 the NCFFL has had a web page. Several years ago The NCFFL added the use of a interactive web page that includes features as roster transactions, setting of lineup, bulletin board, standings, and real time scoring on game days as well as quite a number of additional reports.
  • Ø  The 2016 URL for the NCFFL interactivie web page is: Will Be Announced At A Later Date
  • Ø  If you have forgotten your login information please contact the commissioner.As in previous years each owner will be provided with a username and password prior to the start of the season. I feel the new site will be beneficial to the league by offering flexibility and customization. Numerous reports are still provided as well as real time scoring. There is also an enhancement that allows you to access the site from your wireless device, i.e. phone, ipad, ipod etc.While I promote the usage of e-mail by way of communicating between owners and the league office, you must keep in mind that e-mail servers may take some time “talking” to one another. Please allow yourself enough time for the message to get from your e-mail server to the league office’s e-mail server prior to any possible deadline. Any e-mail message being sent close to a deadline should be followed up the old fashioned way, by a phone call. I will also acknowledge any email that you send with any transaction or lineup request.


    Three Transaction Types

    There are three types of transactions, Standard, Open (which replaced the Injury transaction), and Trades.


    Standard Transactions

    If a player is waived, cut, traded, benched, or has “diminished skills”; the NCFFL owner can make a standard transaction. On Tuesday the transaction order will be posted to the league web site. If two or more teams are making a standard transaction and each team requests the same player, the transaction order will be used to determine who will get the player. The Standard Transaction order will be determined each week based on total points scored in an ascending order, i.e. lowest to highest. Teams that are tied will use the following tiebreakers:

    o Head to Head competition
    o Overall record
    o Most points scored the preceding week

    Any players dropped from an NCFFL team will not be eligible for another team until the following week. A Standard transaction request can be phoned in, or e-mailed to the league commissioner or submitted online from the interactive webpage. All transactions must go through the league office and are not final until approved by the league office. The Standard transaction period runs from Tuesday, 5:00 AM to Wednesday, 10:00 PM beginning on Tuesday TBD. The Standard Transaction deadline is Wednesday TBD.


    Open Transactions – (Replaced the Injury transaction)
    The injury transaction will be replaced by the open period transaction. Each week after The Standard Transaction period is completed each owner will have the opportunity to make additional transactions on a first come first served basis. This Open Transaction period will begin each Thursday at 4 am and close on Sunday at 12 Noon beginning Friday TBD. The Open Transaction Period deadline is Sunday TBD.

    For example, after I have posted the updated rosters to include the current week’s transaction requests, you may find out that one of your players had a late week injury hidden from the injury reports and is now reportedly not going to play that week. In the past when this occurred you were hosed! That no longer will be the case. You now can go to the website and make your own free agent pickup and drop by using the open transaction period.

    Players who play on Thursday games who are in your lineup will excluded from the open transaction period all of the current games are played. For example, Atlanta plays a Thursday night game in week 10. You have RB Michael Turner in your lineup, you will not be permitted to use Turner in the week 10 open transaction period. You must wait until the week 11 transaction to drop Turner.



The third and final transaction type are trades. Trades can occur between two NCFFL teams beginning Tuesday September 9. The Trading deadline is Friday November 14 by 9:00 PM.

Trades can be made for any position and the position or number of players traded does not have to be equal. However, the total number of players in any one trade can be no more than six. Examples of such trades are as follows:
A. 1 RB & 1 WR for 1 QB is a legal trade.

B. 1 DEF & 2 RB’s for 1 QB, 1 RB, & 1 K is a legal trade.

If one team trades three (3) players for one (1), they must then pickup two (2) players as a standard transaction following those guidelines. If a team receives more players then they trade away they must drop the number of players to fall within a NCFFL roster size of twenty (20). Both team owners must notify the Commissioner before the trade can be approved, especially where the NCFFL roster size falls below or goes above 20.

All trades are permanent in nature by remaining in effect for a minimum of 12 weeks. Any & all trades must be verified and approved by the Commissioner prior to confirmation.

The Commissioner can veto an inequitable trade where an owner gets fleeced, or where the trade appears suspicious in nature, for example by trading Tommy Vardell for Emmit Smith, or Steve Young for Boomer Esiason.

Trades can occur between two NCFFL teams beginning TBD. The Trading deadline is Friday TBD.


Owner Incapacitation

This section has been added to cover the unlikely event of the incapacity, unwillingness to participate, or voluntary withdrawal of an owner.
Any owner who is unable to complete their ownership commitment for the season for any reason including injury, illness, incapacity, or voluntary withdrawal at any point during the season will have their team held in trust by the league until a suitable replacement owner can be found. The lineup rollover rule will be in affect for the orphaned team until new ownership has been established.

The withdrawn owner will be entitled to any accrued winnings up to the point of withdrawal and also liable for any franchise fees or other costs incurred and not entitled to any refund of franchise fees.
Any replacement owner for an orphaned franchise will be required to pay to the league earnest money not to exceed one-half of the annual franchise fees; earnest money paid will be deducted from the franchise fee in the following year should the new owner continue ownership.