Rebellion Awards


Manager of the Year:  Owen (100+ wins & a championship! how can he not be?)

Cy Young:  Tanner Roark (Hmm..   didn’t see that coming)
MVP:  Nolan Arenado (I don’t think he even needs Coors Field)
POY:  Nolan Arenado
Fireman of Year:  AJ Ramos (Beats out some tough competition!)

Catcher:  Wilson Ramos
1B:  Anthony Rizzo
2B:  DJ LeMahieu
3B:  Nolan Arenado
SS:  Corey Seager
OF:  George Springer
OF:  Yoenis Cespedes
OF:  Christian Yelich

SP: Jose Fernandez
SP: Max Scherzer
SP: Tanner Roark
SP: Clayton Kershaw
SP: Johnny Cueto

RP: AJ Ramos
RP: Aroldis Chapman
RP: Santiago Casilla / Hector Neris


Here are the results for annual Rebellion Post Season Awards.
2015 Individual Rebellion Awards

Most Valuable Player: Bryce Harper *Beginning of a reign?
Player of the Year: Bryce Harper *Bumped up McCutchen!
Cy Young: Zack Grienke *Pushes aside Kershaw!
Fireman of the Year: Aroldis Chapman *Kimbrel’s reign ended
Manager of the Year:    Dean *In a close vote

2015 RBY All Star Team


C: Buster Posey
1B: Paul Goldschmidt
2B: Dee Gordon
3B: Nolan Arenado
SS: Carlos Correa
OF: Bryce Harper
OF: Andrew McCutchen
OF: Carlos Gonzalez

2014 Individual Rebellion Awards

Most Valuable Player: Andrew McCutchen *replaces the cross-over Miggy Cabrera
Player of the Year: Clayton Kershaw *Bumped up McCutchen!
Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw *3 out of the last 4 years. Not bad for a Round 40 draft pick in 2006!
Fireman of the Year: Craig Kimbrel * 3 year repeat!
Manager of the Year:    John *Well deserved!.

2014 RBY All Star Team

SP: Clayton Kershaw
SP:Adam Wainwright
SP:Johnny Cueto
SP: Cole Hamels
SP: Jordan Zimmerman

RP: Craig Kimbrel
RP: Trevor Rosenthal
RP: Aroldis Chapman

C: Buster Posey
1B: Anthony Rizzo
2B: Anthony Rendon
3B: Miguel Cabrera
SS: Jhonny Peralta
OF: Andrew McCutchen
OF: Giancarlo Stanton
OF: Yasiel Puig

2013 Individual Rebellion Awards

Most Valuable Player: Miguel Cabrera *Second year in a row!
Player of the Year: Andrew McCutchen *Sky is the limit!
Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw *Twice out of 3 years!
Fireman of the Year: Craig Kimbrel *Another 2 year repeat!
Manager of the Year:    Rob *Aw, Shucks! Thanks guys.

2013 RBY All Star Team

SP: Clayton Kershaw
SP:Adam Wainwright
SP:Zack Greinke
SP: Matt Harvey
SP: Homer Bailey

RP: Craig Kimbrel
RP: Kenley Jansen
RP: Jonathan Papelbon

C: Buster Posey
1B: Paul Goldschmidt
2B: Chase Utley
3B: Miguel Cabrera
SS: Troy Tulowitzki
OF: Andrew McCutchen
OF: Matt Holliday
OF: Alfonso Soriano

2012 Individual Rebellion Awards
• MVP: Miguel Cabrera *Well deserving!
• Player of the Year: Miguel Cabrera *A Double Play!
• Cy Young: R.A. Dickey *Yeah, we all saw that coming!!
• Fireman of the Year: Craig Kimbrel *Solid all season long
• Manager of the Year: Owen *And a championship ring!

2012 RBY All-StarTeam
• SP1:R.A. Dickey
• SP2: Clayton Kershaw
• SP3: Johnny Cueto
• SP4: Gio Gonzalez
• SP5: Kris Medlen
• RP1: Craig Kimbrel
• RP2: Jonathan Papelbon
• RP3: Aroldiz Chapman
• C: Buster Posey
• 1B: Joey Votto
• 2B: Brandon Phillips
• 3B: Miguel Cabrera
• SS: Ian Desmond
• OF: Ryan Braun
• OF: Josh Hamilton
• OF: Andrew McCutchen

2011 Individual Rebellion Awards
• MVP: Ryan Braun *unseats one year wonderboy Carlos Gonzales who unseated perenial favorite Pujols
• Player of the Year: Matt Kemp *next year MVP?
• Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw * well deserving
• Fireman of the Year: John Axfod *who would have thought it after opening day?
• Manager of the Year: Dean *narrowly edging out JD
2011 RBY All-StarTeam
• SP1:Cliff Lee
• SP2: Roh Halladay
• SP3: Ian Kennedy
• SP4: Clayton Kershaw
• SP5: Cole Hames
• RP1:
• RP2:
• RP3:
• C: Brian McCann
• 1B: Albert Pujols
• 2B: Brandon Phillips
• 3B: Adrian Beltre
• SS: Jose Reyes
• OF: Ryan Braun
• OF: Matt Kemp
• OF: Justin Upton

2010 Individual Rebellion Awards
• MVP: Carlos Gonzalez *unseats perennial favorite Pujols
• Player of the Year: Joey Votto *could be just a stepping stone to MVP honors
• Cy Young: Adam Wainwright * unseats the mighty Tim
• Fireman of the Year: Heath Bell *replaced Trevor here also
• Manager of the Year: Steve *actually wins in a tie-breaker over Kevin
2010 RBY All-StarTeam
• SP1:Adam Wainwright
• SP2: Roy Halladay
• SP3: Ubaldo Jimenez
• SP4: Cole Hamels
• SP5: Brett Myers
• RP1: Heath Bell
• RP2: Hong-Chih Kuo
• RP3: Billy Wagner
• C: Brian McCann
• 1B: Albert Pujols
• 2B: Dan Uggla
• 3B: David Wright
• SS: Troy Tulowitzki
• OF: Carlos Gonzalez
• OF: Josh Hamilton
• OF:Matt Holliday

2009 Individual Rebellion Awards
• MVP: Albert Pujols *back after a two year absence
• Player of the Year: Albert Pujols *back after a three year absence
• Cy Young: Tim Lincecum * unseats the injured Branden Webb
• Fireman of the Year: Trevor Hoffman *also back after a two year absence
• Manager of the Year: Rob *thank you Matt Holliday!
2009 RBY All-StarTeam
• SP1: Tim Luncecum
• SP2: Adam Wainwright
• SP3: Dean, er I mean Chris Carpenter
• SP4: Jar Jurrgens
• SP5: Javier Vazquez
• RP1: Trevor Hoffman
• RP2: Ryan Franklin
• RP3: Francisco Rodriguez / Jeremy Affeldt/ Jose Valverde
• C: Brian McCann
• 1B: Albert Pujols
• 2B: Chase Utley
• 3B: Mark Reynolds
• SS: Hanley Ramirez
• OF: Matt Holliday
• OF: Ryan Braun
• OF: Andre Ethier

2008 Individual Awards
MVP: Hanley Ramirez *unseats fellow RBY team mate Holliday
Player of the Year: Ryan Braun, Jay Bruce, R Ludwick, Albert Pujols, & Hanley Rameriz  * A 5-way tie!!!
Cy Young: Brandon Webb * Kept the Flies alive all season long!
Fireman of the Year: Brad Lidge * What were the Astros thinking?
Manager of the Year: Rob * sometimes it’s better to be lucky!
2008 All Star Team
SP1: Brandon Webb
SP2: Tim Lincecum
SP3: Cole Hamels
SP4: Carlos Zambrano
SP5: Ryan Dempster
RP1: Chad Cordero
RP2: Kerry Wood
RP3: Valverde
C:  Brian McCann
1B: Albert Pujols
2B: Chase Utley
3B: David Wright
SS: Hanley Ramirez
OF1: Josh Hamilton
OF2:Jason Bay
OF3: Carlos Beltran

2007 Individual Awards
MVP: Matt Holliday    * breaks Pujols’ two year run!
Player of the Year: Matt Holliday * Unseats Howard who unseated Pujols!
Cy Young: Jake Peavy * Replaces Smoltz!
Fireman of the Year: Chad Cordero * breaks Hoffman’s two year run!
Manager of the Year: Dean * strong finish to the season!

2007 All Star Team
SP1: Jake Peavy
SP2: Brandon Webb
SP3: Brad PennyBrandon Webb
SP4: Carlos Zambrano
SP5: Roy Oswalt & John Smoltz  (tie)
RP1: Chad Cordero
RP2:Takashi Saito
RP3:Trevor Hoffman


C: Russell Martin
1B: Prince Fielder
2B: Chase Utley
3B: David Wright & Chipper Jones (tie)
SS: Hanley Ramires
OF1: Matt Holiday
OF2: Vladimir Guerrero
OF3: Carlos Lee
OF4: Lance Berkman
OF5: Alfonso Soriano

2006 Individual Awards
MVP: Albert Pujols  * Two years in a row!
Player of the Year: Ryan Howard * Unseats Pujols!
Cy Young: John Smoltz * Replaces Clemens!
Fireman of the Year: Trevor Hoffman * Two years in a row!
Manager of the Year: Owen * 107 wins may not get you a championship, but it earns you this award!
2006 All Star Team
SP1: John Smoltz
SP2: Roger Clemens
SP3: Brandon Webb
SP4: Roy Oswalt
SP5: Chris Young
RP1: Trevor Hoffman
RP2: Bruce Wagner
RP3: Bobby Howry


C: Ramon Hernandez
1B: Albert Pujols
2B: Chase Utley
3B: Miguel Cabrera
SS: Jose Reyes
OF1:mCarlos Beltran
OF2: Vladimir Guerrero
OF3: Matt Holliday
OF4: Andrew Jones
OF5: Alfonso Soriano

2005 Individual Awards
MVP: Albert Pujols * Unseats Bonds!
Player of the Year: Albert Pujols * Unseats Bonds again!
Cy Young:  Roger Clemens * Horaay for us old guys!
Fireman of the Year: Trevor Hoffman * Injury free at last!
Manager of the Year: Tony * And he still left us?
2005 All Star Team
SP1: Roger Clemens
SP2: Chris Carpenter
SP3: Andy Pettite
SP4: Kevin Millwood
SP5: Dontre Willis
RP1: Trevor Hoffman
RP2: Wil Cordero
RP3: Jason Isringhausen


C: Ivan Rodriguez
1B: Albert Pujols
2B: Jeff Kent
3B: Aramis Ramirez
SS: Julio Lugo / Raffy Furcal * tied
OF1: Jason Bay
OF2:Andrew Jones
OF3: Carlos Lee
OF4: Miguel Cabrera
OF5: Ken Griffey Jr

2004 Individual Awards
MVP: Barry Bonds * Three years and counting! *
Player of the Year:  Barry Bonds *
Cy Young:  Ben Sheets * Only because Bonds doesn’t pitch!
Fireman of the Year: Eric Gagne* Second year in a row
Manager of the Year: Rob * huh?!
2004 All Star Team
SP1: Ben Sheets
SP2: Jason Schmidt   * second year in a row
SP3: Roger Clemens  * scoring points for us old guys!
SP4: Randy Johnson
SP5: Oliver Perez
RP1:  Eric Gagne      * third year in a row
RP2: Brad Lidge
RP3: John Smoltz   * second year in a row


C:   Javy Lopez     * second year in a row
1B: Albert Pujols  * unseats 3 timer Helton.  Previous 2 years AP was all-star at 3b
2B: Mark Lorretta
3B: Adrian Beltre
SS:  Edgar Renteria   * third year in a row
OF1: Barry Bonds        * fourth year in a row
OF2:  Lance Berkman
OF3: Jim Edmonds     * second year in a row
OF4: Vlad Guerrerro   * welcome to the NL
OF5: Juan Pierre

2003 Individual Awards
MVP: Barry Bonds     * second year in a row *
Player of the Year: Albert Pujols
Cy Young: Mark Prior
Fireman of the Year: Eric Gagne
Manager of the Year: Tony
2003 All Star Team
SP1: Mark Prior
SP2: Jason Schmidt
SP3: Pedro Martinez   * second year in a row
SP:  Kerry Wood
SP5: Javier Vazquez
RP1:  Eric Gagne   * second year in a row
RP2: Billy Wagner
RP3: John Smoltz


C:   Javy Lopez
1B: Todd Helton * third year in a row
2B: Marcus Giles
3B: Albert Pujols * second year in a row
SS:  Edgar Renteria * second year in a row
OF1: Barry Bonds  * third year in a row *
OF2: Gary Sheffield
OF3: Jim Edmonds
OF4: Andrew Jones
OF5: Preston Wilson

2002 Individual Awards
MVP: Brian Giles & Barry Bonds (tie) *
Player of the Year: Barry Bonds (second year in a row) *
Cy Young: Randy Johnson (second year in a row)
Fireman of the Year: Robb Nen (second year in a row)
Manager of the Year: Kevin (league championship two years in a row)

2002 All Star Team
SP: Randy Johnson  (second year in a row)
SP: Pedro Martinez
SP: Gregg Maddux (second year in a row)
SP: Kevin  Millwood
SP: Matt Morris (second year in a row)

RP: Robb Nenn (second year in a row)
RP: Eric Gagne
RP: Armando Benitez

C: Mike Piazza(second year in a row)
1B: Todd Helton (second year in a row)
2B: Jeff Kent
3B: Albert Pujols
SS: Edgar Renteria
OF: Barry Bonds (second year in a row) *
OF: Brian Giles
OF: Vladimir Guerrero
OF: Sammy Sosa (second year in a row)
OF: Lance Berkman

2001 Individual Awards
MVP: Todd Helton (team #9 The Golden Knights)
Player of the Year: Barry Bonds (team # 4 Rochester River Rats) *
Cy Young: Randy Johnson (team #7 Carolina Forest Fire)
Fireman of the Year: Robb Nen (team #7 Carolina Forest Fire)
Manager of the Year: Steve (team #9 The Golden Knights)

2001 All Star Team
SP: Randy Johnson (team #7 Carolina Forest Fire)
SP: Javier Vazquez (team #10 Raven Lunatic)
SP: Matt Morris (team #9 The Golden Knights)
SP: Gregg Maddux (team #3 Bull Run Yankums)
SP: Curt Schilling (team 8 The Riverdogs)

RP: Robb Nenn (team #7 Carolina Forest Fire)
RP: Antonio Alfonseca (team #4 Rochester River Rats)
RP: Trevor Hoffman (team #6 John Browns Seige)

C: Mike Piazza (team #5 Katlyn’s Krew)
1B: Todd Helton (team #9 The Golden Knights)
2B: Brett Boone (team #7 Carolina Forest Fire)
3B: Chipper Jones (team #9 The Golden Knights)
SS: Rich Aurilia (team #2 The Quackers)
OF: Barry Bonds (team #7 Carolina Forest Fire)  *
OF: Sammy Sosa (team #6 John Brown’s Seige)
OF: Luis Gonzalez (team #3 The Bull Run Yankums)
OF:  Larry Walker (team #6 John Brown’s Seige)
OF: Shawn Green (team #9 The Golden Knights)