View Askew Football Off Season Landing Page

View Askew Football League

This is the off season landing page for the View Askew Football League. Here you will find the Category Players Report & the upcoming season Draft Order.

Well, we got through the 2021 Fantasy Season with a number of Covid-19 issues. Some of those issues causes heartburn during lineup decisions, others simply caused drama for the NFL. But we did get through the season. Since worldwide pandemics last three years, we are looking at one more fantasy season with potential interruptions. As pandemics go, the longer they last, the shorter and milder symptoms are. Pretty soon we’ll be able to continue on with our daily activities with a positive diagnosis of the Covid-19.

Regardless of the variant change, please keep your guard up, continue to practice clean hygiene and continue to stay safe.

Below is the 2022 Draft order as provided to me by our Commissioner.

2022 Draft Order

  1. Sloppy Sparrows
  2. Dinamos
  3. Anal Explosion
  4. Sleepy Squad
  5. FNG
  6. The Reckoning
  7. No Prevent D
  8. Devils Snare
  9. The Manson Lamps
  10. Big Daddy – 2021 Champion

Category Players Report

The formula for the Category Report is made up of 2 sections. The first section is categories 1-6. Combined, these categories contain 150 players. This equates to 25 players per category unless there is a tie as is the case in Category 4 & 6. Category 4 has 24 players & Category 6 has 26 players.

The second section contains categories 7-15. These categories are based on point ranges. Each point range is about 14 points per range. We’ve used this formula,l or at least as close to it as possible since we’ve been using the category system to retain players.

Keep in mind the following about retaining a player for next season

  • Option to keep up to 6 players. Keep 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or zero players
  • Permissible to retain only 1 player from any 1 category
  • Any player retained is in exchange for a corresponding draft pick from the category that the player is listed in

Complete Category Players Report coverage can be found on the Category Players Page. Hover over the “View Askew Football” title in the menu page or click HERE