View Askew Football Off Season Landing Page

This is the off season landing page for the View Askew Football League. Here you will find the Category Players Report & the upcoming season Draft Order.

2019 Draft Order

  1. Big Daddy
  2. The Reckoning
  3. Master of My Domain
  4. No Prevent D
  5. Anal Explosion
  6. Abyss & the Pips
  7. Devils Snare
  8. Sleepy Squad
  9. Dinamos
  10. Sloppy Sparrows

2019 Retention Lists

  • Big Daddy:

David Johnson – 2nd Round

Devonte Freeman – 15th Round

  • The Reckoning:

Baker Mayfield – 2nd Round

Cooper Kupp – 6th Round

Jake Kumerow – 14th Round

  • Master of My Domain:

Odell Beckam Jr. – 2nd Round

Leonard Fournette – 7th Round

Jimmy Garrapolo – 13th Round

  • No Prevent D:

Julio Jones – 1st Round

  • Anal Explosion:

Christian McCaffrey – 1st Round

  • FNG’s:

Michael Thomas – 1st Round

Damien William’s- 9th Round

  • Devil’s Snare:

Saquon Barkley – 1st Round

Marlon Mack – 4th Round

Derrius Guice – 15th Round

  • Sleepy Squad:

Todd Gurley – 1st Round

Calvin Ridley – 3rd Round

Dalvin Cook – 5th Round

Marvin Jones – 8th Round

  • Dinamos:

Nick Chubb – 3rd Round

Lamar Jackson – 5th Round

Kerryon Johnson – 6th Round

  • Sloppy Sparrows:

Alvin Kamara – 1st Round

Carson Wentz – 4th Round

Mark Ingram – 5th Round

Nick Foles – 11th Round

LaVeon Bell – 15th Round

Category Players Report

You will have the option of keeping up to 6 players from your previous year roster. However you may only keep one player from any one category and any player retained is in exchange for that players corresponding category. For example, if you have both DeAndre Hopkins & Deshaun Watson both seeded in category one, you may keep only one of them. Should you decide to keep one, it will be in exchange for a first round draft pick.

  • Option to keep up to 6 players. Keep 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or zero players
  • Only 1 player from any 1 category may be retained
  • Any player retained is in exchange for a corresponding draft pick

Complete Category Players Report coverage can be found on the Category Players Page. Hover over the “View Askew Football” title in the menu page or click HERE