The Virginia Highlanders

The Virginia Highlanders is a 10 team AL Scoresheet League.  For many years the league was known as The Virginia Baseball Association. Each spring about a week or two, sometimes less the ten owners meet for a live draft inside the beltway near the U.S. capital.  The majority of the owners live in the area, or at least at one time lived in the area. Today several commute from as far away as the west coast, the south coast, and the midwest.

Scoresheet League Website: HERE

2017 Draft Order

1. Team 3-Hal 1. Team 3-Hal
2. Team 7-Kevin 2. Team 5-John
3. Team 5-John 3. Team 7-Kevin
4. Team 8-Dean 4. Team 1-Rob
5. Team 2-Sumner 5. Team 2-Sumner
6. Team 1-Rob 6. Team 8-Dean
7. Team 10-Andy 7. Team 10-Andy
8. Team 9-Steve 8. Team 9-Steve
9. Team 6-Sy 9. Team 6-Sy
10. Team 4-Gray 10. Team 4-Gray